Shit happens

Asuncion Everyone is a Millionaire in Paraguay. Certainly, it is not a good thing. The currency is just to weak. Fiddling around with ten thousands and hundred thousands of Guarani (how they call their currency) makes it even more complicated, although it is kind of funny to easily get 500.000 out of the ATM. After the […]

Natural World Wonder Iguazu Waterfalls

27 hour bus ride The next pin on my route map was supposed to be the biggest waterfalls in the world. Even the 23,5h bus ride couldn’t discourage me. I started the trip at Jan., 1st to the three boarders Paraguay-Argentina-Brazil. At first I stayed at the Brazilian side in Foz do Iguacu to see […]

From the Dessert to the Coast

 Bye bye Las Vegas, Welcome California! Welcome City of Angels!!! Bevor I move on to Santa Monica, a short review of my trip to the Grand Canyon The landscape is just incredible. The view was really breathtaking and absolutely worth the 12 hour bus ride. These six Million year old rock formations (according to newer researches even up to […]