Verregnete Tage an der Karibikküste – Rainy Days at the Caribbean Coast

Merida Swimming and Diving in the Cenotes The next station after the jungle adventure was Merida. A very religious city with a huge tradition. I stayed there for two nights and visit the cenotes around as well. Cenotes are a kind of limestone pits, which were build by caved-in ceilings and contain fresh water. They […]

Puerto Escondido – Surfers Paradise

Traveling with Ohad and Jorge I went with my Israeli friend Ohad from Oaxaca to the Pacific coast to Puerto Escondido. Together we checked in at the “Tower Bridge hostel”. What a stroke of luck. The people and the vibe over here is something special. A day later, our Peruvian friend Jorge joined us as well […]

Chillaxing at Santa Monica

Santa Monica Beach After tons of impressions in the first weeks of my travel, I can finally take a break and relax at the beach. A monster sunburn included, obviously. All the sunscreen didn’t help. You are helpless against the burning sun, especially if you are laying underneath for hours. Venice Beach Today I strolled […]