Groundhog Day

Back in La Paz I decided to stay around the corner of the main bus station. At the Adventure Brew Hostel is always something going on, but there are also enough places where you can avoid the activities and make your self homelike. My party switch was ‘Off’ and so I spend my time with […]

I am offline then

The altitude of La Paz From the endlessness of the salt flats I went with the three Argentinian girls to La Paz. After another overnight bus ride, we moved into a 4 bed room at the Muzungu hostel, right next to the “Witches Market”, where you can get almost everything. The altitude of Bolivias capital made […]

The Infinite Range

Salta – An interstaion on my way to Bolivia Again, it was time to say goodbye to Buenos Aires and the awesome people I  spend my time with there. Without a real plan I decided to go to Salta next. Almost everybody I asked for advice recommended me the city in the North of Argentina. As perfectly […]