Shit happens

Asuncion Everyone is a Millionaire in Paraguay. Certainly, it is not a good thing. The currency is just to weak. Fiddling around with ten thousands and hundred thousands of Guarani (how they call their currency) makes it even more complicated, although it is kind of funny to easily get 500.000 out of the ATM. After the […]

Groundhog Day

Back in La Paz I decided to stay around the corner of the main bus station. At the Adventure Brew Hostel is always something going on, but there are also enough places where you can avoid the activities and make your self homelike. My party switch was ‘Off’ and so I spend my time with […]

I am offline then

The altitude of La Paz From the endlessness of the salt flats I went with the three Argentinian girls to La Paz. After another overnight bus ride, we moved into a 4 bed room at the Muzungu hostel, right next to the “Witches Market”, where you can get almost everything. The altitude of Bolivias capital made […]

The Infinite Range

Salta – An interstaion on my way to Bolivia Again, it was time to say goodbye to Buenos Aires and the awesome people I  spend my time with there. Without a real plan I decided to go to Salta next. Almost everybody I asked for advice recommended me the city in the North of Argentina. As perfectly […]

Buenos Dias Buenos Aires

My week in Buenos Aires After a pretty relaxed time at the Brazilian-Argentinian boarder it should get more “lively” in Buenos Aires. Becky and I took the bus at 4pm which arrived at the capital the next noon. Fabian arrived the day after. The first sign that there will be more action and evening entertainment […]

Natural World Wonder Iguazu Waterfalls

27 hour bus ride The next pin on my route map was supposed to be the biggest waterfalls in the world. Even the 23,5h bus ride couldn’t discourage me. I started the trip at Jan., 1st to the three boarders Paraguay-Argentina-Brazil. At first I stayed at the Brazilian side in Foz do Iguacu to see […]

Easy Rio – Holidays at the City of God

After almost 4 month of traveling as a lonesome wolf, everything was different in Rio. During Christmas and New Year’s Eve Sven and Daniel visit me, two of my best friends from back home. For sure, I met many awesome people at my travels so far, and some of them become really good friends. But […]

Peru – A true Lovestory

Welcome to South America One night in Lima After the 2 very intensive weeks in Cuba, it was time to conquer the next sub continent: South America. With a stopover in well-known Panama City, I flew from Havana to Lima. Only to spend there one night and move on straight to Cusco and the incredible […]

Peru – Just Inkalicious

I wish you all blessed and contemplative Christmas and a healthy, successful, wonderful Happy New Year 2016! I will spend Christmas and New Years Eve with Acki and Kulba, my crazy homies! vacations of vacation That’s why the blog will have a short break because I probably don’t have the time to report about Peru and […]