Growing City and Tiny Island Paradise

Tirelessly I stride ahead. To the very south of Central America. Panama City is the last station on my travel trough Central America. From here I will go to the heirs of Fidel Castro, to the land of cigars and rum. The two weeks in the Cuban microcosmos will probably be full of totally new […]

Colonial Cities in Nicaragua and Bed Bugs Horror in Costa Rica

Léon After all I arrived safely in Nicaragua. More precisely in the Spanish colonial city Leon. Coincidentally I was in the same dorm as Karla and Vera. They are from my home town Heidelberg. Together with my fellow Marcus from Australia (remember, we met in San Salvador before) we were a pretty funny group. Unfortunately our […]

Horror in San Salvador

It is a matter of common knowledge that the capital of El Salvador is not the most secure place in the world. Because of that I could have been done my nightly bus ride from San Salvador to Nicaragua without, let us call it, all these complications. The day before I did the approx. 1 hour […]

The Passport gets filled…

…at least virtually. Because you do not get a real stamp in your passport at the boarder crossing from Guatemala to El Salvador. The innovative and highly modern El Salvador does it virtual via computer. But one thing at a time: I traveled from the jungle of Lanquin to Antigua last week. A small town close […]

Beautiful Guatemala

The journey in Central America continues The next stamp on my passport is Guatemala. Without any expectations I left Belize to the north of Guatemala to Flores. Like Caye Caulker it is a small island. Not at the ocean but surrounded by the Petén-Itzá-Lake. At my hostel I met some old acquaintance. Sarah from Australia, which I […]

Better Belize it – Backpackers paradise Caye Caulker

In the land of cactus Last week it was time to say “Adios” to Mexico. I stayed about one month in the biggest country of Central America. A wonderful time runs out. I saw a lot of breathtaking places and met tons of great people. Briefly, Mexico is absolutely worth it. There are so many possibilities […]

Verregnete Tage an der Karibikküste – Rainy Days at the Caribbean Coast

Merida Swimming and Diving in the Cenotes The next station after the jungle adventure was Merida. A very religious city with a huge tradition. I stayed there for two nights and visit the cenotes around as well. Cenotes are a kind of limestone pits, which were build by caved-in ceilings and contain fresh water. They […]

Welcome To The Jungle

Waterfalls and the Maya-City A day later than planed and at an unchristian time at 4 in the morning, my tour to Palenque finally started. Together with a bunch of Mexican pensioners and a couple from Denmark, we started the trip to the jungle. Our first stop was the Agua Azul waterfalls in Rio Xumul-Ha, […]

San Cristobal de las Casas – In the Mexican Mountains

First night at the hostel – tired of the bus ride – planed a cosy night – of course, partytime again Once again. After a 13-hour bus ride from Puerto Escondido to San Cristobal, with almost no sleep, a cosy night at the bonfire of my hostel stood on the agenda. But once again my “roommates” had other plans for […]

Puerto Escondido – Surfers Paradise

Traveling with Ohad and Jorge I went with my Israeli friend Ohad from Oaxaca to the Pacific coast to Puerto Escondido. Together we checked in at the “Tower Bridge hostel”. What a stroke of luck. The people and the vibe over here is something special. A day later, our Peruvian friend Jorge joined us as well […]