Welcome to real India, bro!

From the Wonder of the World to the Capital

New Wonder of the World number 5 was done. There was not much more to do in Agra. I moved on the 300km to the capital. Delhi is with more than 25million inhabitants the third biggest metropolitan area in the world. This city burst at the seams. Not for nothing, Delhi appears in almost every list of the most dirtiest cities in the world. Especially the air quality is a huge problem.

I can say with clear conscience: Delhi is absolutely mad. I was glad to find a hostel in New Delhi, a bit outside of the hustle and bustle, where I pretty much stayed in the “safe zone” the first days. Only at my last day I was keen enough to   step  into the lion’s den. Together with Jan from Sweden I took the metro to the Fort. Contrary to my expectations, the subway was really modern and quite comfortable.

A brief look on the castle was enough. We took a bicycle-rickshaw into the old town, the heart of Delhi. What’s going on there, tops them all. The streets are completely crowded. You hardly understand your own word because of the consistent honking of the cars, bikes and rickshaws. After our small old town tour, we escaped to the India Gate. A monument to honor the Indian soldiers, which looks kind of similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

And then we were done. We had seen enough and were absolutely exhausted.

Let’s go to Chandigarh – Visiting Yogesh

The alarm rang once again too early the next morning. I had to catch my train to Chandigarh, to visit my friend Yogesh another 300km further up Northwest. We met each other 11 month ago in Las Vegas. How time flies!…

Chandigarh is not the typical Indian city, how I experienced it so far. The complete town is explicitly planed. You recognized that if you take a look on the map of the city. It is exactly segmented in blocks, which build different districts. It is very clean, with a lot of green areas and especially, does not have this deafening noise all the time.

The real India, bro!

Again, a big Thank You to Yogesh and his mates Gagan and Kuljeet. Their hospitality exceeded everything I could ever expect! They even took some days off to show me their city (and of course the nightlife), to make my stay in Chandigarh as unforgettable as it was.

We celebrated Kuljeets birthday at my first night. First we played a bit snooker, before we drove outside the city center to find a chilled place where we enjoyed some Indian whiskey. Back in the city, Kuljeets birthday ended a bit inglorious at the police station. They towed his bike and brought it to the station. Certainly, they didn’t want to give him his bike back. At least not without a payment…A sheer endless discussion started. Even the connections of the guys to local policemen couldn’t help. I guess in this case the Indian police doesn’t distinguish from other crooked ones and just wanted to get a piece of the pie. 😀 So Kujeet had to wait till the next morning to get his bike back. What a birthday present…

Too much India for my body?

When I woke up the next morning, my body started to strike. The flue hit me. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our planed trip to the mountains and I stayed almost the whole day in bed.

On my last day in Chandigarh, my constitution didn’t get exorbitant better. But I gritted on my teeth to spend a t least some time with my bros and see something of the city. We went out for a little Chandigarh-Sightseeng-Trip with star photographer and part-time paparazzi Yogesh Verma. 😉

At evening time I slipped back under the covers. We replaced the “party” inside and drunk to our time together. But I couldn’t handle more than one beer. My mates went out, while I had to stay in bed and felt in a short sleep. Groundhog Day again, I had to take the train back to Delhi early in the morning.

Back in the capital – Arrangements for Nepal

I stayed another 2 nights in Delhi. On the one hand, to get completely well. On the other hand, to organize a few things for Nepal. Especially my flight and accommodation for Kathmandu, the Nepalese capital. The country, stricken by earthquakes, is supposed to be number 24 and last part of my 1-year journey around  the world.

flight to Nepal-mountains so highA big thanks to my cousin Philipp. I had some problems to book a flight from Delhi to Kathmandu. For some inexplicable reasons the internet portals did not accept my credit cars. Welcome to India! Fortunately, Philipp bailed me out (with all his life experience of (almost) 30 years). 😉

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