Good Morning Vietnam

Arrival in Ho-Chi-Minh-City I continued my travel towards East from Cambodia to Vietnam. With my 4 week visa in my passport, the first stop was Ho-chi-Minh-City, better known as Saigon. Like in Cambodia, I got shown the cruel past of this war-torn country. I visited the Independent Palace and the war museum, where they present (naturally from a subjective […]

The Inconceivability of Human Nature

Back on the Cambodian Mainland I took the ferry from the Koh Rong Islands back to Sihanoukville, where I stayed 2 more nights at the coast, before my Cambodia-time going to end in the capital Phnom Penh. More precisely, I stayed at Otres Beach, a bit outside of the city center. This time I granted myself […]

Still Wanderlust

Before I report about my 1st steps on Asian ground, I want to take a short interim conclusion. Two thirds of my journey around the world are already dated back. Over Iceland and the U.S., I explored Central- and South America, did a detour to the Caribbean to fascinating Cuba, traveled trough breathtaking South Africa, […]