No Thunder in Down Under

2 Days in the air

What a journey. I started at Wednesday at 6:10pm from Cape Town to Dubai. Thursday morning, 9 hours later, my Emirates-Boing landed at the Sheik-City. I redeemed my voucher at a cafe and relaxed a bit at the in the deckchairs at the gate, since I had plenty of time. My next flight left more than 4 hours later. This time I flew in a even bigger Emirates plane with 2 floors. The stairs up to the first class floor looked like a miniature edition of a Hollywood mansion. My way led directly to the coach, whereby you can not really say coach in an Emirates flight. Here a snack, there a drink, you wanna have a warm towel? The service is brilliant. So I leaned back and spent the next 13 hours again with sleeping, watching movies, eating and drinking.

Arrival in Down Under

Friday morning at 7am I finally reached Sydney International Airport. I took the train to the city and searched for my hostel. I instantly got a first impression on the price level, when I bought the ticket. A whole 18AUS$, which is about 12€  for a single ride. Pretty steep. A tendency which should continue…

The Easter Weekend in Sydney

What can I say about the metropolis in the Southeast of Australia? I stayed in a small backpackers at Kings Cross. Afterwards I got told, the “notorious party mile” of Sydney. However, I dodged the action pretty good. Super tired of the flights and the time difference, I set on the super-lazy-chill-mode. For sure, I did the typical touri-hotspots: walked over the Harbour Bridge and took some photos of the Opera House. First, I wanted to have a look from above and went up the Sydney Tower. To be honest, that’s it. There is not really much more to do in Sydney. Of course, you can go to the beaches, like the famous Bondi. But because I wanted to stay a few days in Manly, I skipped that.

Ok, I also walked through the Botanic Garden and had a look on Australian Arts. But that really was all…

Tired and unsocial…

Somehow, a certain tiredness and lethargy captured me. I didn’t want to go out and meet people. glad to spend some time on my own, I dodged the goings-on as good as possible. Netflix at the backpackers helped a lot, actually. 😉

For sure, a big part of my lack of enthusiasm about Sydney was my “springtime lethargy” and also my time in South Africa. During my trip I recognized, that after a certain time, especially after intensive impressions, you need some days “off” to have some time for your own and digest everything.

Visit Manly

After I changed the hostel for one more night downtown Sydney (right next to Central Station), I took the ferry to Manly on Tuesday. A really divine place in the North of Sydney, I felt in love with quickly. It is definitely because I got such a warm welcome there. I could stay at Magdalenas house (we are from the same village in Germany). She lives in Manly with her Australian boyfriend Danny and their charming child Matilda. Once again, a big very Thanks for the beautiful time!!! I miss the little Matti particularly…

Relaxing days in Manly

I really could leave all my cares behind during the stay at my Australian-German friends. I got Danny’s bike and drove along the nice beaches, went to North Head, where you get an incredible panoramic view on Sydney and hiked along the coast.

I really enjoyed to go with Danny and some friends of him to a Rugby League match, The biggest difference to the “normal rugby” is, that you only have 6 tries to make it to the end zone. It is a bit faster than the conventional game. Unfortunately, Manly lost against the South Sydney Rabbitohs. To be honest, I didn’t really care. I just enjoyed the game and a few Australian beers. by the way, the owner of the Rabbithos is nobody less than Russel Crowe.

It was hard to leave Manly (jap Tobi, you were right), but I only plan to stay 4 weeks in Australia. It just kills my budget. So it was time to move on. I bought a Greyhound ticket to Brisbane. But I can stop in between as much as I want. From Brisbane I will fly to Melbourne on April the 16th to spend a week there and plan my Southeast Asia trip.

First stop Newcastle

I went from Sydney to Newcastle, the second oldest city in Australia. I stayed there 2 nights (which supposed to be my usual length at each stop along the coast). Actually, I didn’t change my “Australian habits” that much. Sleep, eat, read, walk around, repeat. Still needed some “unsocial” and relaxing time.

Coffs Harbour

I greyhounded further to Coffs Harbour. My bus left shortly before midnight and departed 3:30am. To save accommodation, I waited till 5:30am at the bus station to get picked up by the hostel shuttle. I couldn’t check in this early, but luckily they had quite comfy couches at my new home, where I stayed my usual 2 nights again. Outlining my stay there: beach, walking around, reading and lay in my best friend the hammock.

A highlight was my visit of the Blackbutt Nature Reserve. Finally, I saw Australians most famous animals. Have a look:

Place to be – Yamba

I slowly felt recovered. So in Yamba, a tiny village, which was rated as the best place to live in Australia, I was a bit more active. I did Shean’s legendary tour. I can’t tell you much about it, because it should stay a secret. That is part of the thrill. I am allowed to tell, that we saw the house of the owner of Billabong, who lives directly next to Nat Young, one of the best surfer on the planet.

Oh well, guess how long I stayed. Sure, another 2 nights. 😉

That’s it for now about my Australia trip. In my next post – fromByron Bay over Surfers Paradise to Brisbane – there will be more action. I promise…

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