Better Belize it – Backpackers paradise Caye Caulker

In the land of cactus

Last week it was time to say “Adios” to Mexico. I stayed about one month in the biggest country of Central America. A wonderful time runs out. I saw a lot of breathtaking places and met tons of great people. Briefly, Mexico is absolutely worth it. There are so many possibilities and you can explore so many different places. Surfers Paradise in Puerto Escondido at the Pacific Coast, the mountains around San Cristobal or jungle adventures in Palenque, to name just three of it. I only was a little disappointed of the East Coast with its touristy cities Cancun and Playa del Carmen. But I guess the main reason for that was probably the lousy weather.

Caye Caulker, Belize – caribbean paradise

I leaved Mexico by boat, not without paying 20€ departure tax. Two hours later, right after the sunset, I passed the boarder of the only English speaking country in Central Amerika. The border control occurred on the bigger island San Pedro before we went further toccata Caulker

sunset Belize

Mini Island 2 meters above the Seavlevel

Caye Caulker is only about 8km long and 2km wide. No cars are allowed on this island. the only vehicles are golfcarts and bicycles. But you weather need a two- nor a four-wheeler to get from A to B. A hurricane divided the island years ago (the gap is called “the Split” which is the main spot to go swimming in the crystal clear water). So everything you need is on one part of the island, where you only need about 15 minutes to walk from the south to the north end.

Everything so chilled out

You must follow the relaxed reggae flair of the island. This is the place to just relax and unwind and forget all the worries of the world. Of course, the entertainment is ensured as well. You will find small cafes, restaurants and bars on the main street with live music and good mood everywhere. I have to say, I felt in love with this tiny island!

election campaign partyCaye Caulker-2

lunch in paradisegoodbye backpackers paradise

Belize Barrier Reef

For sure, a highlight of the island is the reef system as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the the second biggest barrier reef of the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Of course I had to take a closer look. My snorkeling trip to three different spots of the reef was really fascinating. Although you around 1 km out of the sea, in some parts you can stand in the water. However, partially the water is really deep and you can dive between the coral reefs. A really special experience was the snorkeling with sharks and rays. The sharks are harmless and don’t bite. My tour guide even captured some sharks, which were about 1 meter long and I could touch them. So they won’t shoot the white shark 4 over here.

snorkelingsnorkeling 1snorkeling 2righthanded crab

Though the snorkeling didn’t seems to be the best for my healthiness. Although I tried to repel my cold and ear pain with the local rum the next day, it didn’t really work. Pretty chipped and sweating as hell I had to say “Goodbye” to Belize.

Stop over in Belize City

After asking around a bit, I made the conclusion to skip Belize City and travel directly to Guatemala. I had to take the boat at 8am this morning to get to Belize City and continue by bus to Flores, Guatemala. For sure you also have to pay to get out of Belize (20US$ in total). Still sweating as hell, I actually sit at the restaurant of my hostel in Flores, a small island surrounded by a river. Tomorrow I will visit Tikal, the most important Maya place in Mesoamerican history.

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