Simon goes to Hollywood

Still alive!

My days in Hollywood are counted. Today I move to Mexico City. That means cerveza and tequila. I am curious how I get along with English and my scantily Spanish.


There were many things to do in the last days. That’s why I didn’t have some time to write about my experiences (or my condition didn’t allowed me to write 😉 ) So where should I start? First of all, L.A. was the city in the US i liked the most, and I could really imagine to live there. There is so much more space then in New York and the people are kind of more relaxed. Especially at the coast in Santa Monica, or even better in Malibu little outside the city.

But first things first. At Sunday I moved to an other hostel in Hollywood. It is pretty close to the walk of fame at the Hollywood Boulevard. And it was way better then the other accommodation in Santa Monica. A colourful mix of interesting and some really crazy people have gathered in the patio. Right at the first night I met Frieder from Stuttgart and little later Jojo from Cologne. What shall I say, I spent all my days with those guys, because we got along so well together.

Walk of Fame - ziemlich unglamourös
Walk of Fame – so not glamorous
Malibu Beach

After some refreshments at Sunday night, we went to Malibu the next day. Frieder rent a car so we could easily get the 60miles to Malibu. In the end we went to a small stretch of beach in Point Mutu, right behind Malibu Beach. After that we went to the Hollywood sign and made some pictures. But then it was party time again. With a shuttle bus we went to West Hollywood to another hostel. We got free beer and a standup comedy show. When the free beer was finished we went to a really nice bar, and of course, they had the strongest Gin tonic I ever had. 🙂

Nach einigen erfrischenden Kaltgetränken am Sonntag Abend, ging es am nächsten Morgen nach Malibu. Frieder hatte ein Mietauto, also konnten wir uns bequem auf die knapp 60 Meilen lange Reise machen. Wir sind dann an einem kleinen Strandabschnitt bei Point Mutu, kurz hinter Malibu Beach gelandet. Nach der Beach Time und einem Abstecher zum Hollywood Sign war es wieder Zeit zum Feiern. Per Shuttle ging es nach West Hollywood in ein anderes Hostel, wo Freibier und Stand-Up Comedy auf dem Plan stand. Als das Freibier leer war sind wir dann noch in eine Bar weitergezogen. Mit dem stärksten Gin Tonic den ich jemals getrunken habe. 🙂

Filmstudio Tour

A bit hangovered the three of us did kind of a film studio tour the next day. But this time we did it by walking in the burning sun. We could only withstand the sun by drinking some barley water. In proper style, of course, out of a Starbucks cup with a straw. As you know, you are not allowed to drink alcohol in public in the US.

Downtown L.A.

Jojo had to catch her flight to the Fiji at afternoon (of course it could be worse ;)). So F-Rider, how we called Frieder and I had to explore downtown L.A. by our own. First stop was a Whiskey bar, where you probably could have a look on some Hollywood stars, if you get there the right time. We didn’t met any famous guy, but the whiskey was really delicious. To the crowning final we wanted to go to a night club. Though it was harder to find one than we thought. Eventually we went to a bar/club on the rooftop of a hotel. Paid for a double gin tonic 24$. We had to take such a good bargain 😉

Griffith Observatory & Surfen in Venice Beach

Again a bit hangovered we went to the Griffith Observatory the next day. From there you got a great view at the city. After that we drove to Venice Beach and rent a surf board spontaneously. It was my first try on a board, but I have to admit, I am not talented at all. 🙂

At night there was again free beer and some karaoke at our hostel. But I had to get up at 5 am the next day to get to the airport. Mexico City is calling, Yihaaah!

Abends gab es bei uns im Hostel wieder Freibier und eine Karaokenacht. Allerdings hieß es für mich am nächsten Tag um 5 Uhr aufstehen und ab zum Flughafen. Mexico City ruft, Yihaaah!

view from Griffith Observatory to cloudy L.A.
View from Griffith Observatory on cloudy L.A.

Surf in USA

La ciudad de Mexico

Meanwhile I slept the first night in Mexico City. After my check in at the hostel I immediately headed to Mario. Back home we are in the same football team (TSV Reichenbach). He studies in Mexico, actually in Guadalajara, which is in the north of Mexico City. Coincidentally he is in the main city till Saturday.

Nur der TSV! Mario & I
Nur der TSV! Mario & I

Such a lucky reunion has to be celebrated, of course. With lot of cerveza an a few tequilla. So this morning I missed the breakfast…

My trip with the metro to downtown was also kind of exciting. Despite of the warnings of the taxi drivers at the airport (they told me it is so dangerous; of course they want me to pay 20 US $ for the drive), I decided to take the metro, which is 70 Cents. Indeed the metro is overcrowded and all the people are staring at you, but it worked out really well.

Pyramids in Teotihuacan

Tomorrow I will go to the pyramids in Teotihuacan. I have no idea how to pronounce it. Anyway, I guess it will be pretty tough for me, speaking no Spanish. At Sunday I will go to the Estadio Azteca, watching CF America versus Guadalajara.

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