Ancient Mesoamerican City Teotihuacan

 Excursion to the mystical city of pyramids Yesterday I went to Teotihuacan, the most significant prehistoric ancient city in America, with the two big pyramids (of sun and moon). My guide told me, those are the widest pyramids in the world. For sure, the city is part of the UNESCO world heritage since 1987. The […]

Simon goes to Hollywood

Still alive! My days in Hollywood are counted. Today I move to Mexico City. That means cerveza and tequila. I am curious how I get along with English and my scantily Spanish. Hollywood There were many things to do in the last days. That’s why I didn’t have some time to write about my experiences […]

Chillaxing at Santa Monica

Santa Monica Beach After tons of impressions in the first weeks of my travel, I can finally take a break and relax at the beach. A monster sunburn included, obviously. All the sunscreen didn’t help. You are helpless against the burning sun, especially if you are laying underneath for hours. Venice Beach Today I strolled […]

From the Dessert to the Coast

 Bye bye Las Vegas, Welcome California! Welcome City of Angels!!! Bevor I move on to Santa Monica, a short review of my trip to the Grand Canyon The landscape is just incredible. The view was really breathtaking and absolutely worth the 12 hour bus ride. These six Million year old rock formations (according to newer researches even up to […]

Finally, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Time for a first Vegas (party-) conclusion: After the lost at the poker table on Thursday, Friday was all about party. Come on, I’m still in Vegas! During daytime I found some rest and a lot of sun at the Stratosphere hotel pool. Around 7.30pm there was a Barbecue in the Hostel, including two Beerpong-battles […]

Unfortunately no “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” yet

The first night in Sin City is coming to an end -unfortunately with modest success. But first things first: First of all I went from NYC to Las Vegas. After a flight of about five and a half hours, turbulences included, I finally hit the ground of Sin City. You can play the first slot […]

Bye-Bye New York City

Last day in Big Apple – tonight the journey continues to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Nearly six hours and I will be in a completely different world. Hopefully with a happy ending. 😉 M y last days in New York were actually kind of relaxed. After I was out with Caroline from Scotland at Saturday […]

NYC – The City that never sleeps

New York City, the city that never sleeps. If you get there the first time it’s ruly amazing standing right between this unbelievable skyline and walking around the streets. When I arrived in my Hostel at Thursday and picked up my bed in the 4p dorm, I straightly met Mandy from Leipzig, Germany. She was […]

First night in Reykjavik

First night in Reykjavik and I had a rude awaking by the alarm clock. With a kind of a hangover, indeed. Actually it should have been a cozy evening. After arriving at the hostel yesterday, I checked out the surroundings, picked a bed in my 14p dorm, and got a seat in the lobby. The plan […]